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LegalMind is an AI-powered research and analytics SaaS for litigants, law students and firms. LegalMind strives to democratise the use of artificial intelligence to the lowest court levels, helps increase the efficiency and accuracy of legal research by introducing multiple data-driven research and analytical tools at the lowest possible prices.

Following is the assignment that you have to submit.

Create a website similar to one given in the pdf:-


1) The website should be a PWA

2) Website should load fast

3) You have to store all the signup and login locally in localStorage

3) Load the profile icon randomly using this api  -> https://picsum.photos/id/<random number between 0-999>/info

(For example https://picsum.photos/id/77/info)

4) Feel free to add/remove  functionalities or improving on UI/UX

To submit the code push it to Github and send a mail to hr@findmind.in with the GitHub pages link and video demo of the created website or message in internshala chat.

Try to create a website using React, Axios & Redux/React Context API